"Helping local businesses with their office equipment needs"

About Leonard
Leonard Mingoia

Leonard Mingoia – President

I personally have owned the 61 Corvette since 1965 and still play tennis. As a company we own the Spectrum Business Centers building. I've spent 44 years in the copier industry. I started as a copier design engineer, progressed through copier sales and now blessed to own Spectrum, one of only 17 Authorized Ricoh Dealers in the State of California. Through it all I have learned the copier you choose is a minor factor in your decision. But the company that provides you with your copier and supports you is critical! Our testimonials say that we are competent and easy to do business with. We are large enough to support you yet small enough to learn your name. We strive to provide you with the best service at a reasonable cost and above all make you more profits than our competitors can. We especially appreciate and thank all our customers.

"Helping businesses with their office systems"

About Glenn
Glenn Plank

Glenn Plank – Vice President

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