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Digi doc flow

Scanning Simplicity

DigiDocFlow brings the power of scanning simplicity to everyone. DigiDocFlow offers you the possibility to create a digital archive by scanning directly from your multifunctional product. In three simple steps, your document is scanned and intelligently stored within your network as a text searchable PDF, TIFF, JPG, Word or Excel file.

Using DigiDocFlow®

Scan to anywhere

DigiDocFlow is able to digitize and store documents in the correct location within your Windows File Structure, Document Management, Accounting, CRM, ERP or Legal applications. Integrating directly with these applications databases, DigiDocFlow can store the document directly in the right location in your application, based on one or two questions answered on the MFP.

Zone OCR

Use Zone OCR to automatically extract metadata from documents, by pre-selecting areas where metadata can be found or by creating a search option for metadata. The extracted values will be used to name documents, create folders or route documents to a destination